Data Modelling

What Is Data Modelling

Data modelling uses powerful analytical techniques to answer questions that may seem very difficult to answer on the face of it. Questions that fundamentally affect the sales and profitability of your business. Questions such as:

  • How much will the national minimum wage cost my business?
  • How much margin will my new menu deliver?
  • How much do customers who leave us, or spend less, cost my business?
  • What is the overall impact on our profit if we increase our retail prices by X, but incur X cost price increases?
  • What is the ideal price to sell my new product for?
  • What impact does the weather have on my business?

That's where we can help – our bespoke, tailored data models are created from scratch and customised to reflect your business risks and opportunities. Anything is possible here given the availability of the base data, but here’s a few examples of work we’ve completed in the past, and the impact it can have.

Data Modelling Services

Examples Of Data Models

  • Customer Retention Modelling

    What it is: A data model that can allow you to predict in advance the customers likely to leave and therefore target with suitable marketing:

    • Put a £ value on the total cost of attrition (lost custom) in your business
    • Track how that number changes each week as you target the customers that need to be marketed
    • Compare ‘new’ customers to ‘lost’ customers to see if the bucket is slowly filling or emptying
    • See a single view of the entire customer base
    • Quickly split the customers down into areas, stores, sales reps or territories
    • Takes seasonality into account, so will not ‘red flag’ seasonal businesses
    • See both number of customers, and total value
    • 3D view of your customers – total value, direction of travel, and recent activity
    • Generate target list at 1 click of a button
  • Price Sensitivity Modelling

    What it is: A data model that automatically works out the sweets-spot for pricing by SKU that allows for maximum profitability.

    • See how pricing affects sales throughput
    • Put a £ value on an increase or decrease in sales by product
    • See a suggested price based on ideal throughputs
    • See how much that means in real terms
    • Spot hidden trends at SKU-level

These are just a sample of ways that data modelling can have a positive affect on your business, so please get in touch, and find out how we can help!

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