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Our Data Marketing Services

Data Marketing Services

We offer a full campaign management solution, right from customer selection through to reporting and insight, whether your campaign is digital, direct, social, or call based

Customer selection data marketing
Customer Selection

Intelligent customer selections can massively increase the return on your marketing campaigns. We have experience in selecting & managing 1m+ customer marketing campaigns

Data marketing campaign reporting
Campaign Reporting

We create bespoke management information (MI) dashboards, charts and KPI trackers to keep track of your campaign performance

Data insights for Marketing campaigns
Data Insights

Once the campaign is complete we don’t stop there – we spend time analysing your results and looking for improvements, or insights on what was effective and how future campaign performance can be increased

Customer Selection

The best customer selections for any marketing campaign are backed up by in-depth cluster, or predictive analysis which identify exactly which segments of customers are most likely to respond, maximising the efficiency and return on investment of your marketing campaigns.

We have experience in working with big-data sets to target customers effectively and quickly, giving you a fantastic set of customers to market to.

Customer selection services from Vision Data Insight

Campaign Reporting

Marketing Campaign reporting services from Vision Data Insight

Once your campaign launches, you want to track the key metrics to measure the success of your marketing. We can create custom dashboards that will give you a clear, easy-to-read measure of how your campaign is performing, and how much the benefit is worth to your business.

Campaign Insights

This step links back in with step one. Once your campaign has finished it’s cycle, it’s vital to learn and evolve your marketing by tweaking your customer selection, and learning from other factors, such as customer feedback, buying patterns and response curves. This insight then will help to drive future behaviour, incrementally improving your business growth, customer ratings and ultimately – profit.

Campaign Insight services from Vision Data Insight

Data Processing

We offer a whole host of data crunching services to improve, add-value to and repair your data. Speak to one of our representatives about your requirements today. Some examples of the type of thing we do are shown below.

Address matching

If you need address matching services, we can match addresses in a target file to addresses held in your database to a high level of accuracy. This service is particularly useful when purchasing target lists, and de-duplicating against your existing customers, or matching new acquisitions against your target list to review the effectiveness of your acquisition campaign. - Address Matching

Data Cleaning database services from Vision Data Insight

Data Cleaning

Sometimes data isn’t in the most efficient format, particularly as technology advances, formats change, legacy error isn’t fixed, and companies merge. We can process your datasets, regardless of size and complexity, and cleanse errors, fix formatting issues, and add-value to your data.

Data Automation services from Vision Data Insight

Data Automation

With the volume of data businesses have to deal with on a daily basis, automating tasks is vital to speeding up efficiency, and making best-use of staff time. We can help automate your processes, whether it’s automating a spreadsheet, building some routines to move data around, or automating a task that’s holding your staff back from doing what they should be doing – adding value.

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