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Data Analysis

We understand data. We know how statistics can be skewed, and control groups can be biased. That's why we pride ourselves on delivering excellence whenever we deliver bespoke data analysis for our clients

No job too big or too small

Whether you just want a single piece of sales data analysing for trends, or a bespoke live model created to measure the significance in tiny retail sales price fluctuations, we can help – our experience and diverse skillsets enable us to meet your needs now.

Accuracy and speed

We are used to working with large, complex datasets and moving at speed to enable you to harness your data. We know you want to be shown the trends that the data is hiding, and we don't just present the facts. We present them in a manner which drives the insight out of the screen, and into the mind!

Great Value For Money

Contact us for more information on our data analysis services. Prices are based on the required output specifications, but I think you will be surprised how competitive we are here at Vision Data Insight.

Data analysis services from Vision Data Insight

Some Examples of Data Analysis

The possibilities are really endless here, only limited by the imagination of the analyst, or the manager ordering the work. Here at Vision Data Insight, we will always suggest ideas for areas that we think may benefit your business. For example, if we’re working on some stock movement analysis for you, with the goal of reducing stock wastage and increasing stock availability, and we notice that a specific line is selling in bizarre patterns, we will highlight it and suggest we take a deeper look.

In terms of analysis, we cover virtually everything – retail sales models to model price increase impact on margins, discount analysis to measure viability of discounting on different days, simple results based analysis on marketing campaigns – the list goes on. Our motto is, let your imagination run wild, and the answers will jump out at you!

  • All analysis work undertaken
  • Quick turnaround with the focus on accuracy
  • Competitive prices quoted
  • Fixed term contracts available for larger scale projects

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Contact us now for more information about our data analysis services and find out how we could revolutionise your business.


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