Business Intelligence

Data Analysis and Business Insight

Business Intelligence

Vision Data Insight can revolutionise the way you do business by combining data modelling and data insights with your sales and marketing processes.

Data Analysis & Insight

Price Impact Analysis

See the net impact on cost price changes against your own price increases

Data Insight

Identify hidden trends and opportunities, as well as hidden costs

Customer Acquisition

Model your acquisition strategy based on the needs of tomorrow's customer

Geographic Distribution

Visualise how your customer base splits into areas and how each area returns

Website Analytics

Track how clicks on your website translate into sales and profit

Cluster Analysis

Increase ROI and lower costs by targeting your campaigns more effectively

Data Visualisation

Charts, Graphs, Tables

Clear, concise, easy-to-understand graphics and charts add value and insight to your business. When we put graphical elements together, we understand exactly what the end-user needs to see. Data represented badly can mask an underlying problem, or hide a potential opportunity for growth

Data Visualisation in business intelligence

Data Modelling

Our data modelling provides a range of enhancements – some examples are margin impact models, price sensitivity, weather impact and customer response. We use predictive and cluster modelling to add value to your business

Customer Retention Modelling services from Vision Data Insight

Customer Retention Modelling

Our customer retention models are industry-leading, and provide you with a trackable value for how much customer attrition is costing your business, and allow you to easily identify and target ‘at-risk’ customer groups.

Margin impact Modelling services from Vision Data Insight

Margin Impact Modelling

Measure what-if scenario’s with a flexible model that allows price increase and cost increase variables, as well as distribution, economy, and any other metrics you’d like to flex, and see the net impact

Price Sensitivity Modelling services from Vision Data Insight

Price Sensitivity Modelling

Taking a data-driven view of product pricing allows you to find the sweet-spot between being too expensive, and too cheap whilst maximising margins.

Weather Impact Modelling services from Vision Data Insight

Weather Impact Modelling

We take a look at how the weather impacts your business, and allows you to budget effectively both for potential risks, and potential up-side.

Market Research

Good market research allows you to identify both how your current product portfolio fits into the marketplace, and how customers perceive your business. It also helps you identify potential future gaps in the market against a changing customer need

Market research services from Vision Data Insight

Web Analytics

Google Analytics
Make use of the enterprise-class analytics services that Google has to offer.
Social media stream analysis
Data analysis that does the heavy lifting for you
Google Adwords management
Seamless campaign integration driving customers to your business
Digital campaign analysis
Campaign selection and management services
Conversion optimisation
Solutions for maximising returns on visitor traffic
Web intelligence
Heatmaps, AB testing and web intelligence services

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