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Address Matching

As part of our data marketing services, we offer address matching, validation and de-duplication services

A Fixed Price Promise

Our address matching services cost a fixed fee – £3 per 1,000 records plus £100 setup fee. The number of records is defined as the total of the two lists you would like matched. For example, if you want a prospect list of 50,000 matched against your database of 200,000 customers, the total price would be fixed at £850 (including the £100 setup fee). There is also a cap of £4,995, so if you want a database of 1m addresses matched against a database of 5m customers, the fee is £4,995.

A Quality Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our service we offer a 99% guarantee on each address matched – if we fail to achieve that level, we will discount the invoice by 20%.

A Speedy Service

We aim to turn around your lists within 3 working days, regardless of number of records. All we ask is that the lists be sent over in an easy-to-read format, such as a text, CSV, or database file.

Database address matching

Benefits of Address Matching

Address matching is vital to good marketing campaigns. Not only will it improve the response rate of your campaigns, but it will maintain your brand integrity by removing unwanted duplication, and harassing your existing customers, especially if your entry offers are to new customers only! This will also reduce the cost of your campaigns as you exclude duplicates, and unwanted mail.

You can also use address matching to remove credit risk addresses and known fraudulent addresses from your campaign – after all, you want customers who are going to pay you as well as order!

  • Avoid targeting existing customers
  • Reduce costs and wastage
  • Remove duplication and spam
  • Increase your ROI as a result

We also cater for international address matching, deduplication, and address enhancement. Only have the number and postcode? Let us fill the blanks in for you!

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